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Why is Friday Important for Muslims?

The word Friday means to gather and come together. According to the general view, it got this name because it was the day Muslims came together and prayed. There is a surah called Al-Jumu’ah (Friday) in the Qur’an, and the importance of this day is mentioned. Muhammad (PBUH) also drew attention to the importance of Friday in many of his hadiths.

As it is understood from various hadiths, Friday was previously declared a significant day for Jews and Christians as a weekly day of worship.[1] However, they disagreed on this issue. The Jews adopted Saturday as the weekly meeting and worship day, while the Christians adopted Sunday. [2] Allah has made Friday important for Muslims. They did not remain indifferent to this treatment.[3] Thus, Friday was chosen as the weekly day of worship in Islam, and it is clearly stated in many hadiths that this day is a holiday.[4]

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that Friday is the most virtuous day on which the sun rises.[5] He also emphasized the importance of this day with the following words;

“The highest of days and the greatest in the sight of Allah is Friday. Friday is greater than Ramadan and Eid-al-Adha in the sight of Allah. There are five characteristics of Fridays; Allah created Adam on Friday. He also brought Adam down to earth on Friday. Adam died on Friday.

There is an hour on Friday that, as long as the servant does not want it to be illicit, there is nothing at that hour that Allah does not give. The resurrection day will happen on Friday. There is an hour on Friday that, as long as the servant does not want it to be illicit, there is nothing that you want at that hour, but Allah does not give. No holy angel, sky, earth, wind, mountain, and the sea is existed who not afraid on Friday.”[6]

Muhammad (PBUH) drew attention to the importance of prayer on Friday.

He said,  

”There is such a moment in it that if a Muslim comes across that moment while praying and asks something from Allah, (Allah) will certainly give him whatever he wishes.”[7]

It has been stated that this is the hour when prayer is answered; it is kept secret so that people seek this moment during the day and turn to Allah. Just as among the Asma-ul Husna (99 Names of Allah)[8], Al-Ismul Azam (the greatest name)[9] is kept secret, and the night of power is kept secret in the last ten days of Ramadan. Regarding this time, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) pointed to the time between the sermon (Khutbah) and the prayer.[10] Muslims are ordered to perform Friday prayers[11], and shopping is prohibited during these hours.[12] However, after this time, also called ‘Jumu’ah time,’ there is no prohibition on obtaining sustenance and working and producing.

Regarding Friday, Muhammad (PBUH) made the following recommendations:

• To take a bath (to make ghusl) and to use perfume [13],

• To clean teeth[14],

• Sending salawat[15] to Muhammad[16],

• To act quickly to go to the Friday prayer, striving to be one of the first to go [17],

• Listening to the sermon (Khutbah) silently during the Friday prayer [18],

• Praying a lot during the Friday prayer times [19]

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[2] Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Even though we are the last (incoming Ummah) (in the world), we will be the first on the Day of Judgment. However, the Book gave to them before us (and to us after them). So Allah guided us to that (blessed) day (Friday) when it was obligatory for them, and they disagreed. After all, they come after us in this regard. Jewish (worship day) tomorrow (Saturday), for the Christians, it is the day after (i.e., Sunday).” (Bukhari, Jumu’ah 1)

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[11] Hz. Muhammad (PBUH) informed about to whom it is obligatory;

“To attend the Friday prayer is obligatory for every Muslim man who has reached puberty.” (Ebû Dâvûd, Taharet, 130; Beyhakî, es-Sünenü’l-Kübra, III, 245-246)

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