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Critical Questions

Why Are There Madhhab In Islam?

What does madhhab mean? Did the madhhabs in Islam arise because of differences in belief? Do madhhabs represent different religions? For these and more, click here.

Islam’s Approach To Disasters

How are disasters handled in the Qur'an? Why do people suffer from disasters and loss of life and property? Can every natural disaster be interpreted as a punishment sent to man? Click for these and more.

Islam’s Approach To Capitalism

What are the differences between the economic system envisaged by Islam and capitalism? Is there a limit to enrichment in Islam? For these and more, click here.

Islam’s Approach To Art

How do Muslim artists evaluate art? What are the things that Muslim artists contribute to art? Is the influence of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Quran visible in the art of thesse artists? For these questions answer and more, click here.

The Approach Of Islam To Agnosticism

Can the existence ofAllah be proven? Couldn't everything in the universe have happened spontaneously? Is a creator absolutely necessary for any being to exist? How does Islam respond to the agnosticism of agnosticism? For answers to all these questions and more, click here.

Islam’s Approach To Gender Equality

What is Islam's approach to gender equality? Does Islam position women and men as equal and in the same status? Did the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) focus on the principle of equality in his relationship with his wives? For these and more, click here.

What Being Is Devil (Satan)?

Did Allah create Satan to do evil? Why doesn't Allah stop the devil? Does the devil have the power to make people do what he wants? Is there a formula to get rid of the devil's deception? How does the Quran define and introduce the devil? For answers to all these questions and more, click here.

If God Knows People Will Go To Heaven Or Hell, Why Are They Testing In The World?

Does Allah know everything that has happened and will happen in this world? If he knows who will go to hell and who will go to heaven, why didn't he send these people directly to heaven or hell? Click for detailed information about why Allah, who knows who will go to heaven or hell according to the religion of Islam, does not send people directly to heaven or hell.

According To The Islamic Sources, The Day Of Judgement

What does the apocalypse/the Day of Judgment mean for Muslims? Is the apocalypse/the Day of Judgment an extinction? Is there any news in Islamic sources about when the apocalypse/the Day of Judgment will occur? How can one know the details about the apocalypse/the Day of Judgment, an event that has not happened yet? How are these details mentioned in Islamic sources? Please click here to answer those curious about the apocalypse/the Day of Judgment.

Why Allah Does Not Prevent Injustice And Evil?

According to Islam, does Allah have the power to prevent evil and injustice? If He is able, why does not He prevent evil and injustice from being done? What would happen if Allah prevented evil and injustice? For these and more, click here.

Does Allah’s Knowing Everything Affect Man’s Will?

Is Allah an omniscient creator in Islam? If Allah knows everything, does this affect the will of man? What is Qadr (divine decree)? Does human being determine his/her own Qadr (divine decree)? For these questions and more, click here.

Law Of War In Islam

Does Islam have a law of war? Can Muslim armies plunder the enemy's country after the war? How should the hostages taken during the war be treated? According to Islam, is war the first choice for Muslims? Click for curious details.

Is There A Limit To Being Rich In Islam?

Can a Muslim get rich as he wants and as how the opportunities allow him? Has Islam brought a limit to being rich? If so, what are these limits? Are there situations where being rich is considered unproper according to Islam? For those who are curious about the approach of Islam to earning and getting rich, click here.

Fighting For The Cause Of Allah (Jihad) In Islam

What does jihad mean in Islamic terminology? Is jihad just fighting in this religion? How did The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) define jihad? Click here for the curious details about the understanding of jihad in Islam.

The Approach Of Islam To Buddhism

What are the similarities and differences between Islam and Buddhism? Does Islam accept Buddhism as a religion? Are terms like Nirvana, Karma, Reincarnation accepted in Islam? For details on the Islamic view of Buddhism, click here.

Islam’s Approach To Homosexuality

Does Islam accept sexual orientations? Is sex change allowed in this religion? What was the attitude of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) towards homosexuals? Click here for these and more curious details.

Islam And Priesthood

What is priesthood? Is there a priesthood practice in Islam? According to the religion of Islam, what should a person who wants to be close to Allah do? What did the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) say to a person who gave up his social life to be closer to Allah? For those who are curious about the approach of Islam to the practice of priesthood, click here.

Why Are Some Prayers Not Accepted?

If Allah is a creator who is closest to a person and knows his every wish, why does he want prayers? Is Thawab (spiritual merit or reward that accrues from the performance of good deeds and piety) gained by praying? What effect does prayer have on psychology? According to Islam, do the things desired in this world have a reward in the hereafter? Is it possible to see an example of prayer in the Quran? For answers to more frequently asked questions about prayer, click here.

Why Did Allah Create People?

What is the purpose of human birth? How are people who do not believe and worship be evaluated in the eyes of Allah? Are people a reflection of Allah? Why did Allah care about mankind and made him superior to other creatures? Click here to find answers to these and similar questions.

Do Muslims Believe In Reincarnation (Transmigration Of The Soul)?

With what evidence does Islam respond to reincarnation? Which Islamic mentality would a person who believes in reincarnation oppose? What information in the Qur'an about death and its aftermath refutes the belief in reincarnation? For more detailed information on the Islamic view of reincarnation, click here.