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Social Life in Islam

Can a Muslim Woman Marry a Non-Muslim Man?

Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man? If not, what are the reasons for this? Can a Muslim man marry a non-Muslim woman? For these and more, click here.

Islam’s Approach To Humor

Is joking prohibited in Islam? If humor is not prohibited in Islam, is there a measure? What are these dimensions? Would Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) make jokes? For more details on the approach of the religion of Islam to humor, click here.

How Is “Being Cross With Somebody” Evaluated in Islam?

What kind of attitude does Islam commands regarding being cross with somebody? Is there an example of being cross with somebody in the life of Muhammad (PBUH)? Are there any Islamic sources encouraging behavior such as reconciling the resentful or taking the first step to reconcile? Click here for the details about being cross with someone.

Types Of Speaking Muslims Should Avoid

What words should a Muslim person avoid? Are there any deterrent statements in the Qur'an or the Hadith for those who say these words? Do words from a person's mouth affect his spiritual life? Click here for answers to these questions and more.

Islam’s Approach To Disasters

How are disasters handled in the Qur'an? Why do people suffer from disasters and loss of life and property? Can every natural disaster be interpreted as a punishment sent to man? Click for these and more.

Islam’s Approach To Capitalism

What are the differences between the economic system envisaged by Islam and capitalism? Is there a limit to enrichment in Islam? For these and more, click here.

What Are The Islamic Holidays?

What activities are held on Muslim holidays? Is Eid entertainment allowed in Islam? How did the Muslim holidays originate? Did these festivals exist before Islam? What is the purpose of the holidays? How are holidays mentioned in Islamic sources? Click for detailed information about Muslim holidays.

Islam’s Approach To Cleaning

Is Islam a religion that promotes cleanliness? What is the measure of being clean or dirty? Is cleanliness only a matter of material realm? Are there any criteria regarding cleanliness for Muslims? For answers to more questions about cleaning, click here.

Islam’s Approach To Art

How do Muslim artists evaluate art? What are the things that Muslim artists contribute to art? Is the influence of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Quran visible in the art of thesse artists? For these questions answer and more, click here.

Music In Islam

Is it religiously objectionable to listen to music? Has Islam imposed restrictions on listening to or producing music? Are Muslims interested in music offered a legitimate option? How does Islam approach music? Click for details.

Islam’s Approach To Old Age

How does the Qur'an describe the elderly? Do Muslims see the elderly as a burden? What advice did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) give regarding the treatment of the elderly? Does old age also open the door to beauty? What are the benefits of sharing the same environment

Islam’s Approach To Gender Equality

What is Islam's approach to gender equality? Does Islam position women and men as equal and in the same status? Did the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) focus on the principle of equality in his relationship with his wives? For these and more, click here.

Islam’s Approach To Non-Muslim

How should non-Muslim parents be treated? Can a Muslim kill a child of a different religion? According to Islam, how is a neighbor or friend of another religion treated? Does Islamic law protect the rights of non-Muslim (non-Muslim) people? For answers to these questions and more, please click here.

Prohibited Food And Beverages In Islam

What is the prohibited food according to Islam? Is consuming a small amount of prohibited food also within the scope of the ban? What kind of food and drink did Allah ban, which type considered halal? Is there a reward for those who abstain from consuming foods that are unlawful in the religion? For details with prohibited foods, please.

Right Of Parents In Islam

How does Allah command parents in the Qur'an to be treated? Has detailed information been given about these behaviors? Do children have responsibilities towards their parents? Should children pray to their parents? For detailed information about the limits imposed by the religion of Islam on children's behavior towards their parents, click here.

What Is The Position Of The Cleric In Islam?

Is there a clergy class in Islam? What are the job descriptions for a clergy class according to this religion? Is it a duty to know and explain this religion only to one group? Are clergy in a more privileged position than other Muslims in terms of being close to Allah? Click for a more detailed explanation.

Tabligh And Mission In Islam

What are the similarities and differences between missionary and tabligh(explaining Islam to other people)? Did the prophet Muhammad(PBUH) command the believers to convey the message? Is missionary an activity that Islam tolerates and recommends? Please click for details about missionary and communiqué.

Is the Underdevelopment of Muslim Countries Related to the Religion of Islam?

Does the backwardness of the majority Muslim countries stem from the religion they believe in, Islam? Does Islam give importance to learning and reading? What did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) say about it? For this and more, click here.

Law Of War In Islam

Does Islam have a law of war? Can Muslim armies plunder the enemy's country after the war? How should the hostages taken during the war be treated? According to Islam, is war the first choice for Muslims? Click for curious details.

Is There A Limit To Being Rich In Islam?

Can a Muslim get rich as he wants and as how the opportunities allow him? Has Islam brought a limit to being rich? If so, what are these limits? Are there situations where being rich is considered unproper according to Islam? For those who are curious about the approach of Islam to earning and getting rich, click here.