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Kinship in Islam

Kinship ties in Islam are possible in three ways: blood ties, marriage ties, and the bond formed by the foster brotherhood [1]. The kinship has been emphasized many times in Islamic sources, and even the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) warned Muslims, saying, “He who cuts off relations with his relatives will not enter Paradise.” [2]

According to Islam, it is fard (commanded by the verses of the Qur’an) to continue Silat-al- Rahim (relationships of kinship) and to observe the rights of relatives.[3] In the first verse of Surah An-Nisa, the commemoration of kinship rights immediately after disrespect for Allah draws attention to the issue’s importance, like “…Beware of disrespect for Allah and disobedience to kinship rights….”. Allah is not pleased with breaking kinship ties and stated that he forbade people from it.[4] Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always showed kindness, visited, and treated his relatives. He always recommended the Silat-al- Rahim. Someone who asks Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “Can you tell me something that will take me to heaven?” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) answered, “Worship Allah, do not associate anything with Him; pray, give your zakat, and take care of your relatives.” [5]

Knowing and acting accordingly on kinship ties is also required in Islamic law. Because in Islam, the degree of kinship is crucial in some matters. For instance, who is forbidden to marry [6], who has the right to inherit [7], and to whom zakat [8] can or cannot be given.

While Islam respects the rights of relatives to such an extent, it commands attention to measure in terms of rights and justice and giving everything to those responsible.[9] Therefore, other people’s rights cannot be violated on the grounds of cooperation and solidarity among relatives. False testimony cannot be made before justice and the law, even for relatives.[10] Considering all these balances, every Muslim must continue doing good to his relatives.

[1] As a result of a child sucking milk from a woman other than his mother, a milk fraternity with that woman’s children occurs. According to Islam, a kinship bond is formed. (An-Nisa/23)

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[8] See. What is zakat?

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