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Islamic Faith Principles

The Importance Of Praying According To The Religion Of Islam

According to the religion of Islam, is not praying an obligatory order? How did prophet Muhammad (PBUH) learn to perform ablution (wudu) and pray? What happens if the prayer is abandoned? Click for details about the importance of praying in Islam.

How Is The Five Daily Prayers Performed?

What does prayer mean in Islam? What should be done before praying? How to pray? How many types of prayers are there in Islam? What are the situations that invalidate the prayer? For those curious about how prayer is performed in Islam, click here.

The Owner Of Everything, Allah

Does Allah own everything according to Islam? What does it mean to own something? Does the fact that Allah owns everything mean that he will do bad to His creatures? For this and more, click here.

The Approach Of Islam To Agnosticism

Can the existence ofAllah be proven? Couldn't everything in the universe have happened spontaneously? Is a creator absolutely necessary for any being to exist? How does Islam respond to the agnosticism of agnosticism? For answers to all these questions and more, click here.

Why Do Muslims Believe In All Prophets?

Are the names of other prophets other than Islamic prophets mentioned in the Qur'an? Why is belief in prophets necessary in Islam? Does Prophet Muhammad speak of other prophets? What is the benefit of learning about the lives of prophets? Click for more information about the prophets.

The Approach Of Islam To Buddhism

What are the similarities and differences between Islam and Buddhism? Does Islam accept Buddhism as a religion? Are terms like Nirvana, Karma, Reincarnation accepted in Islam? For details on the Islamic view of Buddhism, click here.

Heaven And Hell in Islamic Sources

How are heaven and hell described in Islam? Can heavenly life be compared to earthly life? How did the prophet Muhammad(PBUH) describe this life? How did the prophet Muhammad(PBUH) describe the lightest punishment in hell? What are the properties of fire in hell? Click for curious details.

What Is Shariah (Islamic Law)?

Who determined the Sharia rules? Do all Muslims have to abide by the rules of Sharia? Why was it necessary to comply with the Sharia? Was there Sharia before Islam? Does Sharia bring justice? Can anyone introduce a sharia provision or abolish an existing provision? To learn more about Sharia, please click here.

Why Did Allah Create People?

What is the purpose of human birth? How are people who do not believe and worship be evaluated in the eyes of Allah? Are people a reflection of Allah? Why did Allah care about mankind and made him superior to other creatures? Click here to find answers to these and similar questions.

Do Muslims Believe In Reincarnation (Transmigration Of The Soul)?

With what evidence does Islam respond to reincarnation? Which Islamic mentality would a person who believes in reincarnation oppose? What information in the Qur'an about death and its aftermath refutes the belief in reincarnation? For more detailed information on the Islamic view of reincarnation, click here.

Belief In The Afterlife In Islam

What would happen if there was no life in the hereafter and death was an annihilation? Is it possible to prepare for the hereafter according to the religion of Islam? Is there a relationship between this world and the hereafter? According to Muslims, is it desirable to go to the hereafter? Click here for the curious details about the approach of the religion of Islam to the life in the hereafter.

Death In Islam

According to the religion of Islam, is death an extinction? What meaning does Islam give to death? For whom is death horrible and hideous? According to the religion of Islam, can a person prepare himself for death? How should one approach a dying person? Click here to read the curious details about Islam's approach to death.

Is There Evidence That The Qur’an Has Not Been Changed?

Has the Quran been changed? Is there any other book of the Holy Quran that contradicts the verses in the Quran? When was the Quran written? Where is the oldest copy of the Holy Quran we have? Is there any contradiction or difference between this copy and the Quran of today? For these and more, click here.

Belief In Allah In Islam

What kind of creator is Allah as envisioned in Islam? Does God have names? What is the effect of belief in Allah on the lives of Muslims? For these and more, click here.

The Content And Lineup Of The Qur’an

How many pages is the Quran? How many suras does it consists of? What is the difference between the Meccan and Medinan surahs? What does juz mean? How were the surahs named? How many pages is each juz? Click for details about the arrangement and content of the Holy Quran.

Belief In The Existence Of Angels In Islam

What are angels created for? Do they have features such as rebellion and sin? Is a person who does not believe in the existence of angels considered a Muslim? Do angels have divine features? According to Islam, are angels helpers of Allah? Do angels exist only in the sky? Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about angels.

What Are The Evidences That Show The “Unity” of Allah?

How can the unity of the creator be understood? Can it be proved by reason and logic that polytheistic belief is not possible? Click on this article to better understand the "one god" belief, which is the essence of Islam.

Does Islam Allow Terrorist Actions?

Is there any sanction in Islam for killing innocent people? Are there any examples of mass murder in the life of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him)? Does Islam order the extermination of non-Muslims? Are there any encouraging expressions in the Qur'an or in the words of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) against acts of terrorism or killing innocent people? For answers to all these questions and more information on terrorism, click here.

Can’t Isa(Jesus) ​​Be Both a Prophet and The Son of God?

Why was the belief in three gods in Islam rejected? How did the Virgin Maryam (Mary) conceive a baby without a father? How can the resurrection of the dead be explained if the Prophet Isa (Jesus) (Peace be upon him) did not have divine attributes? How is the Prophet Isa (Jesus) (PUH) mentioned in the Qur'an? How important is the Prophet Isa (Jesus) (PUH) according to Islamic belief? For answers to these questions and more, please click here.