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HomeCritical QuestionsDo Muslims Believe In Reincarnation (Transmigration Of The Soul)?

Do Muslims Believe In Reincarnation (Transmigration Of The Soul)?

Is reincarnation believed in Islam?

Reincarnation, also known as the transmigration of the soul, means that after the body dies, the soul that exists in a person comes to the world again and again in different bodies, that is, it continues to exist in different bodies. There is no belief in reincarnation in Islam as people are sent to the world because of a test according to the Islamic belief. [1] The orders and prohibitions are addressed to them. Their lifetime is limited and as it is stated in the verse; “Every soul shall have a taste of death.” [2] They are held to account after death and sent to either heaven or hell depending on their deeds in the world. [3] In other words, a person is given a lifetime enough to be able to express themselves in a single life. [4]

Why do they believe in reincarnation?

Since human beings do not want their existence to end, they want an eternal life to be possible. There is actually a search for this kind of satisfaction in the belief of reincarnation and according to this belief, the soul continues to exist either in a better body or in a worse body depending on its deeds in its previous body. However, there is no data proving how and in what way this sequence started in the first place.

Islam, on the other hand, satisfies this need for eternity with the belief in the afterlife. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) talked a lot about the details of the afterlife. There are also many verses in the Qur’an that inform that the worldly life has an end and that the place to stay forever is the afterlife. [5]

The relationship between responsibility and resurrection according to Islam

As Allah reveals in the verses of the Qur’an, the sinful people will regret their deeds when they are resurrected. [6] However, since reincarnation means a constant transmigration of souls, it goes against the belief in experiencing such a moment of regret.

The fact that every soul has only one body entrusted to themselves and is associated with only one life and environment is a more reasonable, rational and reliable belief in terms of its harmony with what one will encounter in the eternal life.


1. Islam does not believe in reincarnation.

2. However, the human soul will not perish and will continue its life in another realm indefinitely.

3. According to Islamic sources, human is allowed a single lifetime to pass the eternity test, and he/she will face the repercussions of his choices in this life in the Hereafter.

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