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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Critical Questions

What Is The Limit In Love For The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

Is loving the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) a requirement of faith? How is a person who does not obey him and does not follow his orders be evaluated in Islam? Is it in Islam to ascribe divine attributes to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? What should be the criterion in loving Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? Click to read the explanation of the measure of love for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with verses and hadiths.

Why Did The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Practice Polygamy?

Who did Prophet Muhammad marry? When and why did he have these marriages? What are the reasons for Prophet Muhammad's preference for polygamy? For this and more, click here.

Critical Questions

Social Life in Islam

Is There “Bad luck” In Islam?

Do Muslims believe in bad luck? Is there any mention of bad luck in the Quran or Prophet Muhammad's words in the Qur'an? Which societies believe in bad luck? Does believing in bad luck harm faith? Is there any good news or reward for those who do not believe in bad luck? Click here for more detailed information about bad luck.

Islam’s Approach to Nationalism

According to Islam, is it a crime to love one's country and nation? According to the Islam, what does the superiority of a nation depend on? Since the prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is an Arab, are the Arabs the most valuable nation according to Islam? For answers to all these questions and many more questions about nationalism, click here.

Kinship in Islam

What kind of value is given to relatives in Islam? Is there a source for this? Regarding business ethics, how is it considered in Islam to take care of an incompetent relative on the grounds of cooperation and solidarity? How is breaking the ties of kinship evaluated according to Islam? For answers to questions about kinship, please click here.

Islam’s Call To Prayer: Adhan

Why is Adhan necessary? Why is the Adhan recited in Arabic? Who wrote the words of the Adhan? In Islam's early years, when the Adhan had not yet emerged, why did Muhammad not accept the offer to call for prayer by blowing a bell or a horn? Are there any verses in the Qur'an that mention Adhan? Click here for answers to more frequently asked questions about Adhan.

Principles of Islam;

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