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How Was Prophet Isa (Jesus) Born Without a Father?

In the Qur’an, many verses talk about the creation of Prophet Isa without a father. [1] With these verses, Allah has declared that He can do everything efficiently, that everything created is His possession [2] and that He does not need reasons to create. Since the human mind can understand the events more easily with the cause-effect relationship, it sometimes tends not to accept the results when it cannot find a logical reason.

An Infinite Power That Needs No Reasons for Results

For example, the union of a man and a woman is the cause, and the woman’s pregnancy is the result. While such causes are needed for creatures, such causes are not required for the Creator. Allah created man out of nothing for no reason [3]; If He wishes a mother to give birth to a baby without a father, He can create that baby without needing reasons. When Allah decrees a matter, He only says to it, “be”, and it is sufficient for that thing to exist. [4]

Each Prophet was sent following the conditions of the period in which they lived, especially miracles that would affect the people of that period. [5] They have shown it with the permission of Allah. Even at the time when Prophet Isa (Jesus)  was born, people were also interested in medical science, and various treatment methods attracted their attention. His first miracle was to be “created without a father” in a way that hindered those interested in medical science, and this continued with his blessings, such as resurrecting the dead at an advanced stage of his life.[6]

There Are Other Examples of Fatherless Birth

There may be exceptions to the laws of creation in the universe. Prophet Isa (Jesus)  was created as an exception to the rule of being born through mother and father. In addition, the only beings created without a father are not Prophet. Jesus and Prophet Adam. We can see this situation in different species in the realm of living things. Not all reproductive laws in the world occur through the male and female. Bacteria reproduce quickly enough to see their generation go extinct in a few hours, but they have no parents. Another example of fatherless reproduction is parthenogenesis [7]. For example, honey bees, ants, scabies, and some worms, as well as orange cotton lice, are of this kind. According to Islam, Allah created both the ant and the sun.[8] Then, It cannot be said that creating human beings is difficult for a creator who can create an insect or any living thing without the need for fertilization. 

By showing the people the example of the creation of Prophet Isa (Jesus) without his father; Allah declares the eternity of His power, the freedom of His will, that this power and choice cannot be limited by the natural laws He has set.


  1. Allah, the creator of the entire universe, has infinite power.
  2. Allah does not need causes to bring about a result.
  3. But he has placed cause-and-effect laws in the world to teach us the ways in which we can achieve results.
  4. He also worked miracles from time to time to show that he was not limited to these cause-effect laws.
  5. The birth of prophet Jesus without a father is such a miracle.

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