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What Being Is Devil (Satan)?

Allah created the universe and then created various beings in it. Those who have intelligence and consciousness among these beings are angels, jinn and humans. While angels always serve and worship, because humans and jinn have willpower, they can choose evil or goodness,  servitude to Allah or rebellion on.

Devil is a creature which is a type of jinn and created from fire.[1] As it is mentioned in the Quran, Iblis (the leader of the devils) did not bow respectfully in front of the first human being (Prophet Adam) by disobeying Allah’s order and said, ” I am better than he is: You created me from fire and him from clay.”[2 ] However, Allah did not create Satan to do evil or rebellion, on the contrary, He created him to serve and worship Him.[3] However, because he was not in a state of complete obedience like the angels and preferred to oppose Allah with his will, he was expelled from Paradise and took the curse of Allah on him. [4]

Because Satan persistently preferred evil and rebellion, he lost his ability of goodness and was accepted as absolute evil. For this reason, there is no question of repentance or forgiveness.[5] The representative of evil the devil, the representative of goodness and sinlessness is the angel, and the human creature can turn to both good and evil, and has the opportunity to reach Allah through the path illuminated by revelation with his mind and will.

The religion of Islam rejects the notion that the devil has absolute dominance over people and makes them do what he wants; because it is stated in the Quran that Satan’s power is limited and that his tricks and traps are weak.[6] The only thing that the devil can do is provoke people and call them to his way.[7] It is stated in the Quran that people who do not give in to his call and who sincerely believe and worship Allah will be protected from the tricks of the devil.[8]

The situation of people who insist on their sins and do not repent (ask for forgiveness), feel no remorse, do not hesitate to commit their sins openly, and even invite people to sin, is described in the Quran as ” devilish humans”.[9] In another verse about such people are defined as, “those whose hearts are sealed”[10]

Before starting to read the Quran and before doing any work; It is recommended to say  basmala( In the name of Allah, the lord of mercy, the giver of mercy)[11]  with Isti`adhah(one seeks refuge and shelter with Allah against the accursed Satan.)[12] together within order to be protected from the evil and traps of Satan.[13] Also, the prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) also recommended saying kalimatu at-tawhid(unification of oneness of God)[14] and reading the Quran[15] in order to be protected from the evils of Satan.[16]

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