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Why Do Muslim Women Cover Their Heads?

First of all, a Muslim woman covers her head to comply with the veiling order in the Qur’an.[1] Hijab; means to cover, to disguise. A woman who wears a headscarf hides some of her beauty from the persons who are not permissible to her [2]. In the verse of hijab, Allah also informs the women about the borders of the allowable persons besides whom they could be uncovered their heads. [3]

The tendency to cover is a trait that has been put into the essence of the human being since its creation. The situation of Prophet Adam (PUH) and his wife Hawa / Eve described in the Qur’an is an example of this.[4] According to the historical context, it has known that women used to cover their heads in ancient times. The evidence of veiling practices also found in the Christian [5], and the Jewish contexts [6] is another indicator of the need for coverage from the first human beings to recent.

Women are not only ordered to cover their heads with a hijab in Islam but also it is a totality. Except for the hands and face, covering the head, neck, and ears with a veil and not wearing tight and revealing clothes are supposed to be the measure of the hijab in women. This is what is understood, both from the above-mentioned verses and the practices of women in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). [7]

As the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) notified, a hijab for men obtain by covering the area between the navel and the kneecap. [8] Besides, in verse just before the verse in which veiling for women is mentioned in the Qur’an, men are ordered not to look at what is prohibited for them and to protect their chastity.[9] Thus, it has been informed that the hijab is also obtained by avoiding looking at the haram.

When a Muslim woman who covers her head is in a state where she is fulfilling Allah’s command, She tries to be more restrained in her behaviors and actions and tries to avoid sins with more precision. It also means taking self under inner control.

Just as precious ores are kept in special boxes and pearls are preserved in oysters, according to Islamic belief, the hijab is also a shield that protects women against bad looks and verbal and physical abuse. Just as professions have uniforms, the hijab is almost the uniform of Islam.

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