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Was The Prophet Muhammad Ever Wrong?

Why did Allah allow His Prophet to make a mistake?

There have been cases where the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) was wrong as he was a human being. The existence of cases where he was wrong is not in the nature of criticism but supportive of the fact that he was a prophet. Because he is a leader and role model for people who will live until the day of judgment. It is unimaginable that a person who is never wrong or who does not arrogantly admit his mistake after being wrong can set as an example for the people who have come and will come until the day of judgment. Indeed, when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was wrong, he did not hesitate to express and correct his mistake. The point of view of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) towards his individual mistakes is to teach mankind in the best way how to act when he does wrong.

Did Allah Warn His Prophet?

Allah divulged the righteous decisions that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taken individually or by consultation, through revelation in cases where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)was wrong. One of these cases is related to the Meccan enemies of Islam who were taken prisoner because of the Battle of Badr.

The Battle of Badr was the first battle of Muslims against the enemies of Islam in Mecca. The significance of this war is the fact that if the enemies of Islam are victorious, the religion of Islam will be erased from history. Despite the large number of Meccan enemies of Islam, 70 enemies were captured because of the war won by the Muslims. As a result of the consultation of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with the Muslims, it was decided not to kill the captured enemies.[1] However, Allah stated that this decision was wrong as follows: “It is not fit for a prophet that he should take captives until he has thoroughly subdued the land. You ˹believers˺ settled with the fleeting gains of this world,1 while Allah’s aim ˹for you˺ is the Hereafter. Allah is Almighty, All-Wise.”[2]

Another example is that when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was asked a question about the chapter of Ashab-i Kehf, he said, “I will answer you tomorrow,” without saying, “If Allah permits.” After this event, there was no revelation to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for 15 days and the Prophet was warned with silence. When the revelation came, Allah was saying to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): And never say of anything, “I will definitely do this tomorrow,” without adding, “if Allah so wills!” But if you forget, then remember your Lord, and say, “I trust my Lord will guide me to what is more right than this.” [3]

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Was Not Misled Regarding Religious Fundamentals.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the points where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was wrong are not related to the faith that forms the basis of the religion of Islam and the conditions or practice of Islam. The things he is wrong about are the daily events he encounters in his own life as an individual. Such minor slips also prevented him from being deified by his followers, and those who witnessed his life accepted him as both the prophet and the most beloved servant of Allah.


1. There have been instances where Islam’s prophet, Muhammed, made mistakes in his daily decisions.

2. These mistakes have been preserved in order to teach others who follow them “how to behave in the event of a mistake” and to serve as a role model in every way.

3. In the face of these little errors, Allah warned his prophet and thereby taught all humanity. These warnings were taken into account by Muhammad (PBUH), who provided a great example.

4. These mistakes are also present in the minds of Muslims to reaffirm their belief of Muhammad as a messenger rather than a God.

[1] Sahih Al-Muslim,” Jihad”, 58
[2] Al-Anfal,67
[3] Al-Kahf,23-24


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